This summer was a french summer at Hornudden because seven students made their internship here. From six to twelve weeks and all with the goal to “develop their English”. But how easy is that when you are seven student from France at the same place ..? Not so easy! But for some it probably made the stay more communicative and fun.

To accept internships is a challenge, as to accept volunteers is also, because you never know who you will meet. It´s easy to assume that those who do their internship is more anxious to behave well and do a good job concerning that we will do an assessment. That is also often the case and after this summer we can say that our french students all did an excellent work and we are happy that we dared to accept such a big group from four different french Universities.

We feel very grateful that they choosed to come to Hornudden and last evening when we had introduction and discussion after dinner it made us happy to hear that a group of young people who come to help us end up with loving this place as we do. In one way it makes the world smaller but it also makes the age difference smaller because the questions and worries are the same – doesn´t matter where you have your home or if you are 18 or 61 years old.

Some parts of accepting volunteers and students is to get inspiration, knowledge about how younger generations think and have a culture exchange. This year it resulted in a new dish on the café meny. Emma from France made a Tian and I had the opportunity to help her and learn how her mother use to do it. It´s a perfect dish for Hornudden during this season when we have zucchini, tomatoes and onions to pick. We do the Tian in our way (of course) so no aubergine and we use potatoes instead. But we have problem to find out a Swedish name which will make you to want eat it because “Grönsakslåda” or “Grönsakspanna” doesn´t sound so exciting and attractive. If you have a suggestion – please tell us.

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