Here at Hornudden Organic Farm we grow as many as 30 different tomato varieties, a range of lettuces, cucumbers, peppers, chillis, rhubarb and different sorts of shoots such as sunflowers, fresh herbs, and flowers. The assortment varies from year to year due to meeting the demands of our customers, both local citizens and restaurant owners. Our main activity is greenhouse production, which keeps us busy during the summer.

In addition to our farm shop and market stall, we deliver fresh produce to Gripsholms Värdshus and Krusenbergs Herrgård. ICA Bengtsson, ICA Torghallen and ICA Kvantum Ekängen are our trusty representatives, selling a wide range of our products. We also deliever to supermarkets in Enköping Uppsala and Stockholm.

Our onsite farmshop is stocked with a variety of our own produce as well as a wide range of locally produced items. From just-picked organic vegetables and herbs to our homemade marmalades and sauces. Our organic restaurant serves modern swedish cuisine and guests are welcome to dine in the restaurant, on the balcony or on the lake front -all with a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren. The cafe serves sandwiches made on our freshly baked bread using local organic flour. We offer a wide range of daily baked goods, cakes, bullar and slices for you to enjoy with your organic coffee.

Our catering services can be booked for parties, weddings and other special occasions. Call us to find out more: 0046 152 326 18.

Hornudden history

Karin Sjöstedt’s grandparents, Georg and Anna, purchased the Hornudden homestead from Tynnesö Castle in 1928. At that time, the property was run as a small farm, where Georg and Anna grew grain and grazed a few cows. The abundant fish species in the lake were an additional source of nutrition. Georg and Anna began to grow vegetables which were sold at the market in Strängnäs.

At the end of the 1950s, Karin’s uncle Bernt and his wife Ebba took over the business, starting off with improvised greenhouses. After a few years, three greenhouses were growing tomatoes, nursery plants, and cucumbers. The fields produced some of the more in-demand vegetables, such as potatoes, and the couple made gift baskets at Christmas and Easter time which were sold at Strängnäs market. However, most of the produce went to Årstahallen in Stockholm, a market hall selling fresh products.

In 1990 Karin and Mats took the helm at Hornudden. This time around it was by the rules of the organic growers’ association, KRAV. This entailed a return to organic fertilizers and an abandonment of chemical pesticides and germicides. The variety of produce was adjusted. In the greenhouses different strains of tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and herbs are now grown but the produce from the fields has been reduced. We still sell vegetables at our market stall, but most of our produce goes to shops and restaurants in Stockholm and in the areas around Lake Mälaren.