White Guide

So this week I hit the highest point in my career so far! Making it into the White Guide!! Its the national guide for the best cafes and restaurants in Sweden. On June 8th, the scores will be published, but right now I am so, so proud!!

For the last two years I have been baking everything in the cabinet at Hornuddens Eko Cafe. As what started as a hobby job, has now developed into, during our busiest time, up to 500 guests a day!!

It has been the most incredible learning experience! Its a dream place to work and the wonderful people here have made it my second home.

Recently we were delighted to be rewarded three KRAV marks, which means at least 90% of our raw materials are proved organic. KRAV is sweden’s label that promotes high organic standards.

All baking is made from scratch and we use as much local produce as we can. The cafe is located by lake Malaren on an all organic vegetable farm, so lucky for me the majority of fresh ingredients comes straight from our garden!

People often ask where I studied to be a pastry chef, but actually I studied a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in journalism, so I could become a photojournalist. Although I have always loved cooking and enjoyed fattening up my house mates with excess baking.

I first came to Sweden in 2012 with a boy I met in Australia. He lived in Stockholm and without a working visa I searched for the closest place I could find to volunteer. I spent six weeks volunteering and was asked to come back and work in the garden. So after skiing in the French Alps for the winter, I returned and Karin asked me if I would like to bake a couple of cakes for the cafe. And as it somehow turned out, I never left the kitchen 🙂

During my first summer, the chefs Johan and Daniel taught me everything I needed to know (which I am so, so thankful for). With a lot of hard work, during the second summer it progressed into an entirely developed well known cafe, by doubling the amount of guests from the previous year!!

I have been so inspired from my recent winter travels to produce an even more seasonal, healthy and sunday fika menu. I have even taken over some vegetable gardens on the farm so I can learn the whole process from seed to plate.

I am so happy to have reached this goal, and even more excited for the busy summer ahead!

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