Volunteers 2018

”What do you do during winter??” – that´s a very common question and a common statement is ”I assume that you have a calm time now during January and February”. I´m so sorry to disappoint you if you also assume that we mostly stay on the sofa reading books and eating candy.

I really don´t understand how it happened, but during my uncle´s time we had time to do some ice fishing, work in the forest and read books during winter time … Now we are busy with lots of things, the days are so short, we need more sleep (or take the opportunity to get it …) and it´s a lot of planning. Ok, I can understand some of what has happened during these 30 years – but I don´t like to accept it;)

For the moment we are planning the summer staff and answer questions and requests from volunteers from all over the world. It´s amazing to see how anxious lots of young people are to learn about gardening – organic gardening. That they want to learn how to grow their own food to be self sufficient. That ambition has definitely increased among the volunteers we meet during the three last years.

We know that we are situated close to Stockholm is one good reason for coming to us and help and also that we have our jetties here at lake Malaren is important. But more and more we can see the interest for sustainability, the ambition to support and help the organic way of producing food and an interest for growing your own vegetables.

That also get that we often have very interesting and developing discussions at the dinner and lunch tables. That we also get lots of questions during the work in the garden and in the kitchen. But not always because group dynamic is a key element for the progress of perception concerning the individual development.  Brainwash?? Maybe .. But not as I perceive it because those who ask the most important and difficult questions they are way smarter than I am …


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