To eat local and seasonal

To be volunteer at Hornudden is not only helping in the garden it´s also to learn to use new products when you are cooking. The first is to cook seasonal. Seasonal for us is for example that we never buy fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers when we can´t pick them here at Hornudden.

During early spring the only fresh veggis we eat is spinach, rocket and some sallat. Luckily we have carrots, onions, garlic and other root fruits in our fridge so we can still have a diverse diet with lots of vegetables. During May we will also have chard, cucumber and maybe radish and likes this it will continue. The first tomatoes in late May or early June taste AMAZING!

There are some more to say about our ”diet”. We in general don´t eat rice. It ‘s pretty cool to meet a new volunteer who wants to cook rice and we answer ”Sorry but we don´t buy that” and instead we suggest naked oats, dinkel och emmer and they have never heard about it before… We call it ”nordic rice” because the ”nordic rice”  we eat are grown around 60 km from us at Warbro Kvarn.  I got a big victory when Isa some days ago said ”I really love this nordic rice”. Yes, mission completed, because she was one of those who some of her first days said that she liked rice very much. And I remember her look when we told her that it will be almost no rice for three months …

The volunteer group we have now have learnt to plan their cooking so it´s no big deal to cook emmer, naked oats or dinkel for around 50 minutes – it is worth it!

More about food! There are lots of challenges when it comes to food in group with people from all over the world. One is when you have vegans or vegetarians in the mixed group. Usually it´s no big issues when it comes to vegetarians because we don´t eat so much meat and we only eat organic meat or game – in general only one or two meals/week and hopefully fish once a week. But we eat a lot of eggs and dairy (read cheese) so it’s far from a vegan diet.

The problem can be that one quite common vegan opinion is that there is a hierarchy where the vegans are on the top and the meat eaters on the bottom. There we have the challenge! Actually we have experienced  that some vegetarians has the same idéa – that a vegan is a ”better person”. Sorry, but not at Hornudden. We respect everybodys choices of diet and we expect everyone who are here to do the same. We all make our choices from our knowledge, culture, feelings, experiences and other reasons and no one is to judge someone els diet and tell that it´s right or wrong. To eat vegan in Sweden is an diet but it´s not sustainable and environmental friendly because you are dependent of import of soy & other beans to eat a healthy vegan diet.



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