Hornudden Eko Cafe – by Amy

Amy som är vår ansvariga i café och kök skriver bloggen idag – premiärdagen för cafeét

Today we open “Hornudden Eko Cafe” for the summer, and this year its going to be bigger and better with lots of new and exciting ideas and products!

Earlier this year I escaped the swedish winter and travelled to South Korea, Japan, Bali, Australia and London.  All very different countries offering the most wonderful and unique food experiences.

While I was away, I was constantly searching everywhere for new food ideas to bring back to Sweden and into the cafe this summer.

Although, surprisingly,  it was not so much the food itself where I gained inspiration for new products, but the way of thinking about food when it comes to eating and our diet.

All of a sudden I have this great interest in knowing exactly where my food comes from, how processed it is and how much nutritional value certain foods contain.

For example, at a local farmers market in Japan, I brought a traditional japanese sweet called daifuku (photo above). It is made from mochi which is short grain rice, soaked, boiled, then beaten with a giant wooden hammer until it forms a sticky paste. It is then made into a ball and stuffed with red bean paste.

When I showed my japanese host what I brought, he said “Ah yes, it is a dessert and it is very, very sweet”.

It was sweet, but not that sweet. Apart from a strange gooey texture, it tasted quite good, bland but good.

This got me thinking. This is what japanese consider sweet. It is 100% natural, no gluten, no dairy, no added sugar… Well um yeah…its only rice and beans!!

Below is a another traditional japanese dessert, made with green tea ice cream, red bean paste, rice cubes, beans and fruit.


These were just one examples that got me thinking about how I can take small steps away from traditional baking and bake products with more nutritional value by replacing butter, cream and sugar with ‘wholefoods’ like nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Considering I love to eat baked goods, this is one way I feel I can eat them and feel a little less guilty about the nutritional value.

So, this summer I will start to focus on creating more healthier products in the cafe. (Don’t worry the beloved chocolate basil cake, kanelbulle, limebasil rulltårta and quince meringue pie will stay!) I think it is important that our customers have the option to choose a more wholesome treat, and most importantly it still tastes delicious!!!

Everyday this summer there will be options for gluten, dairy and sugar free treats. Keep an eye out for recipes to come (just need to perfect them!)

Please come by to say hi, have lunch or fika and enjoy our new set up and new products this summer!

A very big welcome to Hornudden Eko Cafe!!



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