First departure 2018

Spring is here – for real! We saw the first cranes yesterday when we had fika after our Sunday work. Tord has been here and helped us with shoveling the manure for the tomatoes and we picked the first coltsfoot for this spring. 
For the first time this year we had to say good bye to a volunteer. Hard as almost always. We enjoy very much to meet new people from all of the world but we really don´t like to say good bye to someone we have got to know and are happy to have around us. We don´t get used – it feels empty and takes a while to fill up the ”social space”. 

Julia left yesterday and that was not easy, she has been here during March and learnt how it works at Hornudden and she has done a lot of different tasks during this weeks. ”Keep up the good work” was one thing she said at her departure and that we will do and also remember that she said so. To be appreciated by those who have been a part of the ”good work” gives us power and strength to continue with our mission.


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