Hejdå blog

So after three amazing years I am leaving Sweden, oj oj oj!  I’m sorry my blog has not been very active this summer, I got a little busy in the kitchen… So here is a quick hejdå blog.     Things I learnt in Sweden:  to drink coffee, drive the tractor, grow a vegetable garden, the […]

White Guide

So this week I hit the highest point in my career so far! Making it into the White Guide!! Its the national guide for the best cafes and restaurants in Sweden. On June 8th, the scores will be published, but right now I am so, so proud!! For the last two years I have been […]

Hornudden Eko Cafe – by Amy

Amy som är vår ansvariga i café och kök skriver bloggen idag – premiärdagen för cafeét Today we open “Hornudden Eko Cafe” for the summer, and this year its going to be bigger and better with lots of new and exciting ideas and products! Earlier this year I escaped the swedish winter and travelled to […]

Gluten freedom by Amy Rice, part 2

In a way it was a bit heart-breaking to not have the knowledge to bake successful gluten free products, so I booked a course hoping it could give me some insight. I recently travelled to New Zealand and attended a one day gluten free baking course, held by Neville and Judy Green in their home […]

Gluten freedom by Amy Rice, part 1

Hearing the words “Gluten Free” is often associated with thoughts of annoying picky eaters, distasteful food and terrible, terrible bread. It seems the words ‘Gluten Free’ has created a lot of awareness over the past few years. Not just coeliac disease but the health benefits of a gluten free diet – but I will not […]